How do I register my teen for StBLT?


In order to be fully registered for St. Barnabas Life Teen, please fill out the forms in the Registration Packet.  Packets are mailed home in June and available in the parish rectory. The following registration materials from the packet must be completed each year and returned by mail, dropped off at the rectory or the Life Teen Lounge, in an envelope marked “St. Barnabas Life Teen Registration”  by August 10.

1. Registration Form
2. Medical Form
3. Parent Volunteer Form
4. Registration Fee*

· $50.00 – one teen in StBLT (early fee of $40 if received by July 15) 
· $70.00 – two or more teens in StBLT (early fee of $60 if received by July 15)
Make check payable to St. Barnabas

*No teen will be excluded from participating in St. Barnabas Life Teen because of an inability to pay the fee.  If this fee is a financial burden to your family, please include a confidential note to that effect and pay what your family can afford.

Do I have to register for my teen to participate in StBLT?

All high school teens are welcome to our events.  They do not need to register to participate... in fact they don't even need to be Catholic.  Teens are always welcome to bring their friends.  Registration is recommended for all active teens, and required for those in the Confirmation Ministry, and teens in leadership roles, such as Retreat Team.

There are many events that require consent forms for everyone who participates in them (both those who are and are not registered for StBLT).  Consent forms can be on the Forms page of our website.

How Do I Get my Kid Confirmed?

At St. Barnabas, our parish confirms teens in 10th grade, or later.  In accordance with Diocesan standards, it is a two-year ministry.  Check out our Confirmation Ministry page for more details.

Where can I find Service Projects?

All teens are required to perform service projects during their preparation for Confirmation. Make sure you check out the "Service Project" article on our Confirmation Ministry page.  A StBLT Update email is sent regularly to all registered teens and their parents which includes any Parish Service Opportunities of which the StBLT Office has been made aware.  You are most certainly not limited to those service experiences!  Check out the bulletin, or call the rectory for additional ideas.

Why does my teen have to attend a StBLT Retreat?

We get this question from parents whose teens are in the Confirmation Ministry, wondering why a retreat is part of the preparatory process.  Studies are clear:  Dynamic encounters with Christ generally don't take place in a classroom or even Life Night setting - they happen on retreats and at camps and conferences.  We want all our teens, especially those preparing for the powerful Sacrament of Confirmation, to experience the love and mercy of Christ through a personal relationship with Him.  Many of our teens don't even realize that is possible.  All of us need time away, to unplug, and to have an opportunity to encounter God's love.

But my teen goes on retreats with their Catholic High school, so why StBLT Retreats?

That is wonderful that you can give them the gift of a Catholic high school education!  We want to make sure our teens are grounded in the faith in their parish, as well as their school.  If the only place that teens come to know God is through their school, the practice of their faith tends to fizzle when they leave high school.  In fact, 80-90% will leave the Catholic Church after they graduate from high school. Studies are clear that those 10-20% who stay, are those who are also engaged in their parish, involved in at least one activity a week, in addition to Mass. Then the faith has a much better chance of taking deep root in their lives.  We are generally only in school for 12-18 years, but will (hopefully) be a part of Catholic parishes for our whole life.  Our teens need to participate fully in parish life as part of preparation for Confirmation.  Opportunities for encountering God, as well as building strong community ties with their parish are keys to the success of the StBLT retreats.